Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't Run Where You Can Measure

I did something dumb today. I ran on an official track. Up until today I had been feeling extremely proud of my growing fitness. I could only jog for a minute when I started. Now it's 25 minutes. That's huge. Feeling all full of myself I decided to run on the track at my kid's school to see how far I was going in that 25 minutes. Then I would know my pace. Guess what? A glacier could give me a run for the money. A woman WALKING passed me! I ran a 16-minute mile. In the running community that puts me in the Embarrassment-to-Land-Mammals category. Sheesh.


  1. rome wasn't built in a day. be patient with yourself. this is going to take time.

  2. R u effing kidding me!?! That is awesome, and deep down, you know it! I couldn't do a 16 minute mile, and you couldn't have either, about 8 weeks ago. You are doing great.

  3. Girl, if you took EVERYTHING I've ever run and combined it, it wouldn't add up to a mile. That means I've not quite finished a 36 year mile!