Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm a Runner!

Today is the last day in week 5 of my running program. I just ran for 20 minutes with no walking breaks. When I started 5 weeks ago, I couldn't run for 90 seconds without my heart feeling like it was going to tear through my chest. Today I ran for 20 freakin' minutes! Ridiculous! Plus, I ran outside for the first time. I got out of the gym and ran on the bike path like real runners do. The whole first 10 minutes I was telling myself to get to the halfway mark and then I could walk for a minute. At 10 minutes I said, "I can make it for 5 more minutes." Then at 15 minutes, I knew that it would be absurd to stop with only 5 more minutes to go. My brain said, "You got this!" And sure enough, I did. In 4 weeks I have my first race, and I really believe I'm going to be able to run the whole 5k, no walking!

In other fitness news... Today was weigh-in day as well. Going into the Disneyland trip, I knew I wanted to relax and eat what I wanted to without counting calories. My goal was to just eat at mealtimes, no grazing on junk in between, and do my workouts. I mentally prepared myself to be ok with gaining 1 or 2 pounds. Well, I stuck to my plan and I didn't gain ANY weight. I stayed exactly the same as last week!


  1. i'm sooooooo proud of you, jen! you totally kick ass!!! =]

    we're absolutely going running when you come down to san francisco!