Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Happiest Place On Earth Part 1

Today I got up before the rest of the family and was in the gym at the Disneyland resort by 6:15. Of course, the only other people weird enough to get up that early on their vacation to go work out are hard-core athletes. The place was packed with perfectly toned bodies. I spent my whole workout looking at the tight end and inhuman calves of Lance Armstrong's twin... not that I'm complaining. :) There were even two guys who were clearly body builders. I was totally intimidated, but I got up there and did my run. I was completely red-faced and drenched in sweat when it was done, but I was ridiculously happy with myself. When I got back up to the room, Griffin took one look at me and his eyes went wide with shock. "Whoa, you look like you worked really hard!" He came over and put his hand on my cheek and then jerked it away with a "ssst" sound. With a big grin and blowing on his fingers, he said, "You're hot!"
Yeah, that's right! I'm a rock star!

After that, we walked about a thousand miles, ate tons of food, rode some rides, and I'll fill you in on the details tomorrow. This is your roving reporter signing off.

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