Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Far, So Good

Things are continuing to improve in all areas of my life. Today I went to the gym and did the same elliptical machine program that I attempted weeks ago. The first time I managed to gasp my way through 20 minutes with my heart rate in the 170s. Today, I did the whole 30 minute program and my heart rate was in the 150s. That's a big improvement in 6 weeks of exercising. The eating plan is getting easier and easier as I keep making better choices. I don't crave things that I used to. I'm averaging about a 1.5 pound loss each week. My mood has been the most dramatic improvement. I just don't get cranky or angry like I used to. This has impacted all of my relationships for the better. At least, it's better for me. I can't speak for the people who are not able to push me around as easily. :)

I'm turning 36 on Sunday and for the first time, maybe ever, I'm not feeling old and decrepit. If anything, I feel like I'm taking years off!

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