Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not Much to Report

I spent yesterday in the Coast Range watching college football and eating cupcakes. OSU lost but still embarrassed USC, so I'm happy about that. Mostly I'm happy about having two good friends who are so generous with their time, home, and hospitality. Karin and Misty treat us like part of the family and always make us feel welcome. The kids and I had a great time hanging out, doing art projects, watching football, making cookies, and playing games. We stayed all day and over night. I think it's better to have a few great friends than a bunch of acquaintances.

The second date with Brian was interesting. I think I feel ambivalent about him or maybe just dating in general. I don't feel that normal drive to make something happen. I had a good time and he makes me laugh but there's no chemistry really. But I like hanging out with him so maybe that is what I need right now, just somebody to have fun with. And I'm sure I'm setting my expectations too high wanting romance instantly.

Oh a side note, while we were walking together on campus, I slipped and fell on the sidewalk. Besides from the embarrassment, my foot twisted in a weird way and is now swollen. I'm hoping I can still run tomorrow but I might have to try an alternative like the stationary bike.

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