Saturday, October 10, 2009

250 pounds?!?

What the hell? This is me and Franck on the day I almost had a coronary "strolling" around the Castro. In reality, I was red-faced and gasping for oxygen. I honestly had no idea how out of shape I was. Denial is a powerful thing. My standard coping mechanism for depression is eating and then eating some more. I've been stuffing my face ever since Angus left 3 years ago and 2009 only saw an increase in calories. When Cory sent me this picture, I just cried and cried. How can I love myself and yet treat my body so poorly?

I joined Weight Watchers as soon as I could scrounge up the money. So far (first 3 weeks) I have lost 8 pounds. No more Burger King for me! Tonight, I went to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner and most of you know how remarkable that is for ME! I also started walking, which has improved my energy level immensely. Next time I will be able to keep up with the boys when they drag me up and down those damn San Fran hills! To get down to a weight that my doctor considers healthy for my height, I need to lose a minimum of 110 pounds. I'll be keeping you posted on what is sure to be a life-changing struggle for me.

So this is my "before" picture. Franck represents what I might look like "after." :)


  1. Thai food is very low-cal :D
    I hear you can do WW online - but that the support groups offered by WW in person are also really good.
    And you have Wii, right? The Wii Fit is also a fun way to exercise in the privacy of your own home. The aerobic activities always get my heart rate up in a way I'm almost embarrassed about. I may be thin, but I am woefully out of shape. I did parent participation for Brennan's tennis class and was sore for 2 weeks afterwards. It was not right.

  2. Being unemployed really means I have to watch every penny, but I'm asking Santa for a Wii Fit!

  3. Santa could probably benefit from a Wii Fit too :D