Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ex-Husband Drama

Just when I think that I've moved past the drama of my marriage, I crash right into it unexpectedly. I rarely think about Angus anymore. I genuinely feel like I have forgiven him and moved on. He's not a happy person and my anger has been replaced by pity on the rare occasions when I have to interact with him.

Anyway, we're bumping into each other again because the kids want to do events where we are both participants. Angus just won't do it. He says it's too stressful to be in sustained interactions with me. I'm so frustrated that he can't get over things. Our children deserve to have two deeply, actively involved parents. I asked him to move to Eugene so that he could have more time with them/be more involved in their daily lives, and I accept that he has decided that he would rather keep his life the way it is. But I can't believe that he can't even bring himself to be at group events, etc. where he has to interact with me. Ridiculous. He's even twitchy at parent-teacher meetings!

I know there's nothing I can do about this. It really has nothing to do with me. He doesn't even know me anymore. He's dealing with a memory of me in a bad situation. I'm so different from that woman...

I wish we could move back into a working relationship for the sake of parenting two amazing children. Theoretically, I would be perfectly fine with never seeing him again. But his refusal to build a relationship upsets me. I'm bothered because I don't like it when someone that Griffin and Molly love disappoints them. And there's nothing that any of us can do about it.

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