Friday, August 27, 2010

How much is this costing me?

So counseling is not exactly what I was hoping. I've gone for a total of three sessions now. I can't decide if my problems are too mundane or if the solutions are too obvious. Either way, she's telling me stuff I already know. For example, when I tell her that I have compulsive eating behaviors, she suggests I used a structured program like Weight Watchers. Check. When I tell her that I binge when I'm stressed, she suggests that I make a list of other self-soothing techniques. Check. When I tell her why I'm stressed, my parents' and sister's health issues, she tells me that I can't control others only my own feelings about things. Check. Yeah, lady. I know all of this, but what happens when I don't stick to Weight Watchers, or I flip out about my mom's angiogram and then head straight to Burger King? I'm intelligent enough to know how I should behave, but not always able to do it.

Oh well, at least she's better than the first woman I met with. She tried to convince me that I should have never left church. It did not feel good to argue with a therapist on my own dime.

I did restart Weight Watchers this week. I had gained back 8 pounds since I fell off the wagon. That's not too bad. It could have been a lot worse actually. I'm re-recommitting. Again.

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